News and Announcements


Database Transition Complete

Our entire hardware ID license database has been migrated over to a more secure MySQL structure implemented in conjunction with the most recent update. License key tokens are now solely dynamically generated in nature. Users will notice shorter load times when opening the QuikN’EZ Torrent Spreader.

QuikN’EZ Torrent Spreader [UPDATE] [2.4]

A long awaited update for the torrent spreader has just been sent live. The update addresses many outstanding issues including the demise of several torrent trackers such as Btjunkie and Bitenova, and adds functionality for 1337x – a long established tracker. Outdated URLs for Fenopy, Btscene, MNOVA, and Fulldls have also been updated. Outside of that, the update secures user data so that no torrent tracker logins are stored in plain-text any longer. A modular structure has been implemented into the program which will allow for much faster update roll-outs in the future to address new/existing tracker issues.

Site Updated

Today some changes were made in the order form and payment submission page to better accommodate our clients who wish to pay via Liberty Reserve. As always, Liberty Reserve is our payment method of choice given its fair handling of finances as opposed to PayPal. Of course, we will continue to support PayPal in its entirety due to its ubiquity.